There Ain’t No Party Like a Pinterest Party…

There Ain’t No Party Like a Pinterest Party…

In case you didn’t know, I love Pinterest.  My boards have thousands of pins, but I realized a while ago that I really need to do less pinning & more doing.  I’ve pinned so many delicious looking recipes & awesome DIY crafts, but have never had the chance to try them out, so I finally decided that I needed to put an end to this madness by having a Pinterest Party!  We all got together at Sammy’s house & brought some of our favourite pins along!

My Pinterest craft was inspired by these pins on my DIY board…I thought it was the perfect thing we could all easily make & add our own creative flare to.


Slide7I stopped at Michael’s on the way to pick up all the supplies I needed to pull off the craft, which included paint, stencils, a glue gun, fake flowers, & of course a letter for everyone.  It turned out that Kelsey & Sammy brought a picture frame to decorate for Father’s Day, so my supplies went twice as far!   Slide1After catching up with each other on the past year & sharing our plans for the summer, we did a little creative planning & started Pinterest-ing!




Slide6We had such a fun time together & vowed to have another Pinterest day to work through the thousands of other crafts & recipes I’ve pinned.  Check them all out here!:


Slide1Oh & my dad loved his handmade frame!  I really think I could have painted a rock for him though & he still would have loved it…mostly because I did give him a rock once & it’s still on his desk.  I guess he really is the best dad.


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