Get Your Glow On!

Get Your Glow On!

Now that I’m back home & winter is turning to spring, it’s mud mask season!  As the seasons & my schedule changes, so does my skin.  I find it gets really dry during the winter & needs some freshening up by this time of year.  Therefore, in order to start spring off on the right foot, I use “GlamGlow”.  Meet the miracle product:

50g_youthmud_verysexy_carton_1This is the best mud mask I have ever used…it gives you a brand new face!  I put it on & let it dry while I’m studying or watching TV & then wash it off before I go to bed.  It’s not the cheapest product you’ll ever buy, but this little splurge is worth every penny (it does have enough mud for several masks).  I have always used the “YouthMud Tinglexfoliate”, but I just discovered at Sephora the other day that “GlamGlow” has come out with two other new masks, the “SuperMud Clearing Treatment” & the “ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment”.  I haven’t tried them yet, but I can’t wait to get my “GlamGlow” on!

34g_supermud_carton_2_1-1thirstymud_carton_1_2I don’t want to sound like some kind of ad, but there are so many products out there that when I come across something this amazing, I have to share it!

P.S. It makes a great Mother’s Day gift!

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