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Being here in Lausanne is a once in a lifetime opportunity & I don’t want to miss a second of it!  Sometimes I get caught up in the moment & I just want to savour it for what it is.  When I do take pictures though, I want to document everything I can!  I always wonder though how a professional would capture each moment…I also wonder how many perfect photo opportunities I’ve missed, but what’s passed is passed & you can’t worry about what you can’t change.

One photographer who doesn’t seem to miss a thing is “Humans of New York”.  I started following Brandon on Facebook after a friend liked one of his photos.  After losing his job in Chicago, he decided to move to New York with the intention to take portraits of strangers on the street.  I can’t say I was nothing less than intrigued.  With every portrait he takes, Brandon writes a story.  Quoted from the subject of the photo, whether it’s a recount of their life, or simply a single line of dialogue, both the photo & the writing work in tandem to produce a heart-warming piece of art.  Photos can make me laugh, tear-up, or sometimes just confuse me.  Whatever the feeling, each photo is a glimpse into someone else’s life, giving us a greater sense of who we are.

Here’s the latest “Humans of New York” photograph:

994014_529023587171746_848781263_n“He said: “Do what makes you happy.”
I said: “And what makes you happy?”
He said nothing, but patted his son on the back.”

You can follow “Humans of New York” on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (@humansofny), or on their website:





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