What’s Up Wednesday.

What’s Up Wednesday.

This Wednesday, I am back in California & making the most of it! & I dragged Jonny along because it was the long weekend & he is taking a summer school math course…ew.

1. I introduced him to Lily’s & their breakfast burritos.

Slide1Lily’s is a local spot in Malibu with one of the best breakfast burritos you’ll ever have. Anytime of the day, it will take at least 30 minutes to get your burrito, so call ahead! I forgot to, & we were so hungry that we had to get a Sunlife smoothie beforehand. Jonny somehow still finished his entire burrito though.


^^ not the most beautiful…

Slide3^^ but he obviously liked it.

2. Soaked up the sun.

Slide4It did feel like summer for the first couple days I was home in Vancouver, but towards the end, my shorts were staying the drawer. But down here in CA, the sun is always out & the pools have been busy for weeks. So, we took advantage of the many pools at my apartment before I have to move out!

3. Dinner & a show.

Slide5You’ve probably heard of the luxury cinemas where you order food & drinks from your seat while watching the movie? Well, we saw “The Nice Guys” while eating pizza & popcorn in a reclining leather chair…which brings me to something I want to address: theatre seats. Every theatre I’ve been to in California has reclining, la-z-boy-esque seats that I want to fall asleep in. When I go to a movie at home, I can feel a spring digging into my butt. Something needs to change, because I can’t go back to that.

4. Sprinkles on top.

Slide6I lurvvv cupcakes, so I couldn’t say no to a sundae when Sprinkles was right next door to the theatre. Their red velvet ice cream is to die for.

5. Cooling off for the summer.

Later that night, we got the exciting news that, in addition to the other beers, ciders & coolers I was once selling & merchandising…

Slide10….we are now selling new LoneTree & Hey Y’all flavours, as well as a whole new line of coolers for the summer! I can’t wait to try Sideshow…& if you want a sample, I can make it happen! You can watch a segment on them from our local morning show here.


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