Girls’ Bachelorette Night

Girls’ Bachelorette Night

It feels like it really hasn’t been that long since Ben proposed to Lauren, but either way, Jojo has moved on & is ready to find love…however, based on the first episode, it might be a little harder than she thought.

Slide2It’s always more fun to watch with friends, so I decided to throw a little get together so we could make our own first impressions. But what’s a Bachelorette viewing party without wine & treats? I decided to make chocolate covered strawberries, since they are simple to make, strawberries are ripe for the picking & nothing goes better with wine.


Slide03  Slide07


Slide12I also made popcorn, picked up sushi & laid out a couple more snacks to keep us fueled through the two-hour premiere.

Slide15Finally, no Bachelorette viewing party is complete without a bracket. It makes things so much more interesting when you get a little competition going…

Slide13Before the rose ceremony, we filled out the 19 guys we thought would make it through to the next round. I did not do so hot this round…she picked a lot of the really drunk guys I thought were for sure goners. But, speaking of intoxication, let’s talk about Daniel & the other Vancouverite that made it on the show.

Slide1^^ Meet Daniel. On the show, his job title appeared as “Canadian” & for some reason, he decided the quickest way to Jojo’s heart was by getting drunk & stripping down to his briefs. Although you should be very aware that you are on national TV & that you are completely making a fool of yourself, in Daniel’s defense, that first night is crazy long. According to many past contestants, the cocktail parties can go into the wee hours of the morning…did anyone else notice that it was daylight out when those unlucky guys got sent home last Monday?

Well, I noticed when this guy got the boot…

Slide3^^ I did not put Jonathan in black & white…ABC did that.

Poor Jonathan thought it would be a good idea to hop out of that limo in a kilt. He thought it would be a great way to show his Scottish heritage, mentioning to Jojo: “luckily for me I’m half-Scottish below the waist”. Unfortunately for Jonathan, a first impression has a lot more to do with what’s above the waist & he was sent home, rose-less.

So, neither of these dudes leave a great impression of Vancouverites on “Bachelor Nation”. Gems like this exist everywhere & if you don’t accept that fact, then you’re fooling yourself. However, no matter how many times the remaining token Canadian drunkenly undresses throughout the rest of the season, it’s reassuring to know that Bachelor Nation will always remember Kaitlyn.


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