La Casa Gelato

La Casa Gelato

It’s not news to anyone that I love gelato. Really, I love pretty much anything sweet. Although Vancouver hasn’t quite caught up to LA temperatures, any glimmer of sunshine makes me wanna grab a cone & fill it with every flavour. & if you really want to try every flavour, you have to visit La Casa Gelato. Just an old, unassuming mom & pop’s shop from the outside, (except for maybe that neon pink wall) this place makes up for their exterior looks with their exotic flavours not found anywhere else.


IMG_9439With over 588 flavours & 238 on hand at all times to try & choose from, you can either see it as heaven or a nightmare. I’m more than a little indecisive, so picking only one flavour is always a challenge.

IMG_9438^^ everything from tequila cucumber to aged balsamic vinegar to grapenuts…yeah, I don’t get that last one either. Also, have you seen any ice cream brighter than this? I can only imagine what would happen to your tongue.

A final decision was easy to settle on though once I found the grapefruit champagne flavour…

IMG_9477Even though there might not be 588 flavours, I hope that wherever you are this summer, there’s gelato to be had.


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