Last Minute Costume Ideas

Last Minute Costume Ideas

Although the candy is always a bonus, my favourite part of Halloween is dressing up. I think it might be my secret love for crafting, but I love coming up with & creating the perfect costume. I usually go for funny over scary, but I think that’s only because I hate being scared. As much as I love it though, we’ve all had to throw something together at least once. So, since Halloween is on Monday, I did a little research & came up with some of my favourite last minute costume ideas for this year:

Snapchat Filter

slide1Whether it’s the dog filter or the original rainbow mouth, this is an easy one for anyone to make at home. Although there are a couple that are more recognizable, I would definitely go for the toast.

Bill Clinton & his magical balloons


Photo: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

I really hated everything to do with this election, but this was amazing. This is a moment everyone, no matter how they’re voting, can appreciate. The best part too is that you can go it alone or make it a couple’s costume. Check out how Pop Sugar did it.

More Cowbell


Photo: NBC

With some tinted aviators, a drumstick & a little midriff muffin top, you can bring more cowbell to the party. 

Tina from Bob’s Burgers


Photo: Bento Box Entertainment

This may be the most underrated show, but anyone who enjoys it will appreciate your costume. All you need is some tube socks, glasses & a long moan. Of course, a horse & butt commentary is optional, but it will take your costume to the next level.

Duh…I’m a Mouse


Photo: Paramount

No matter how long ago “Mean Girls” came out, it will always be culturally relevant & hilarious. Therefore this costume will always be a winner. In addition to the mouse ears, I really like to get my Karen on & would add a crystal “K” on my chest…backwards of course.


Photo: Paramount

& of course if you need to make it a couples costume…

She Doesn’t Even Go Here


Photo: Paramount

Especially effective if you have a crowd & you are above average height. Other catchphrases include, “I want my pink shirt back” & “oh my god, Danny DeVito I love your work”.

Wayne’s World

IMG_4816Always a classic & the second place winner in an abroad costume contest. It did take me a while to wash out all the hairspray & smooth out the back-combing, but this one will always be one of my favourites.

Do you have any last-minute go to’s? Leave me a comment!


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