Not Crazy for Contouring.

Not Crazy for Contouring.

So, I think it’s safe to assume that you’ve all heard of contouring…

Slide10It’s this elaborate process in which you highlight & shadow parts of your face to create the illusion of everything from higher cheeks bones to a thinner nose. I’ve never tried it myself & I thought I’d share why this is not a technique I’m going to incorporate into my routine.

Slide051. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Unless I can get a team of people in every morning like the Kardashians to do my hair and makeup while I recline in a chair, half asleep, I’d rather get that extra hour of sleep.

2. I’m not that skilled.

I have a hard enough time getting my eyeliner even. The whole idea of outline and shading my face at certain angles just sounds way to complicated for me. I’m starting to think I need a Master’s degree to understand these YouTube tutorials.

3. My skin would not be happy.

I know that personally, my face does not do well under layers & layers of creams, foundations & powders. I’ve learned the hard way that simplicity is often what is best. So, I’d rather have clear skin than a highlighted brow bone.

4. I can’t afford it.

If you’ve ever even stepped into a Sephora, you know how much makeup & all those brushes & tools cost.

5. I’m not trying to fool anybody.

I’m not trying to convince anybody that I had a thinner nose or higher cheek bones than I actually have. My mother taught me something important when I decided I wanted to start wearing makeup. The problem with makeup is it becomes a prison. Once you start wearing eyeliner or contouring on the regular, you have to maintain that amount of makeup. Otherwise, you get those looks of concern & people start asking, “are you okay?” “what’s wrong?” “are you sick?”. No, no I’m not. I only had 15 minutes to get ready this morning & couldn’t define my cupid’s bow.

Now I’m putting contouring down…if contouring is for you & makes you feel more confident, than contour away ladies. I think the moral of my story is, work with what you’ve got & love what you’ve got.


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