Lately at Anthro

Lately at Anthro

Life lately at Anthro has been anything but boring. Besides being the peak season, (can’t wait for that holiday music to start playing…) we have been hosting events! 

I love anything new & out of the ordinary that happens at the store. If you know Anthro well, then you know that we love putting on events in-store for the local community. 

This year, we kicked off the fall season with a fashion show. Much like our spring show, we worked for weeks, organizing everything from drinks & invites to photographers & models. Having a hand in planning the event really opened my eyes into how much work even just something as simple as renting chairs can be. 

The event was a huge success & it was a great experience for the store. With so many associates on shift work, we rarely are in the store all at once, so it was great to come together as a team. Thank you to @lirafotografia for the amazing photos! 

^^ Some last minute outfit changes. My head decided it didn’t like the rancher…anyone else have this problem? I prefer to blame it on too much hair, (instead of a big head). Beret anyone? 

^^ Oh la la! Who is she?! If you ever need help perfecting a runway walk, Rob is your guy!

^^ The best team in the biz. 

So…what’s better than a fashion show? Puppies, obviously. Last weekend we had a dog adoption event at the store & it was everything I had ever dreamed of. There were two puppies, less than a few weeks old, that were sisters & German Shepard/Husky mixes. But, of course, I could not forget about Stevie, (named after Stevie Wonder) a Dogo that was blind in both eyes due to trauma. We all couldn’t get enough of the pups & it was great to see all the hard work of organizations like Caare Rescue! 

^^ We put out human treats & some treats for any furry friends that came to visit. The dog treats we bought made for a pretty passible Oreo decoys, but despite clearly labelling them, someone may, or may not, have eaten one anyways. We felt like it was a “What Would You Do?” type situation. Post-first bite, do you say something, or let it slide & spare some embarrassment? We went with option B. 

^^They were pooped after about an hour! 

^^Stevie was the centrefold in the Caare Rescue calendar. What a natural beauty. 

Have you ever been to any Anthro events? If you saw someone taking a bite of a dog treat, what would you do? 


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