Easter Brunchin’

Easter Brunchin’

First off, I hope you all had a “hoppy” Easter!

I’m sorry. I thought it would sound cute but that was terrible…just terrible.

Caroline & I are away from home, so we decided to have a little Easter celebration of our own on Sunday. There’s not much we love more than brunch, so we dressed up & headed to a little spot in Malibu for some pancakes & eggs.


Slide4Ollo is one of the newest restaurants in Malibu. I’ve been here for dinner once before & had a hard time picking only one thing on the menu, so we figured it would be a good place to try for brunch. Also, did I mention they have grapefruit mimosas?

Slide3After toasting to bunnies & chocolate, we decided on the Ollo egg scramble & some lemon ricotta pancakes. I always want pancakes when I go for breakfast, but I know that I get tired of them a couple bites in. Caroline is the exact same way (not surprising because we believe we were twins in another life) so we decided to split the pancakes & the scramble.


Slide1^^ what a view.

Unfortunately, after a dreamy brunch, it was back to reality. Because we’re college students on the brink of graduation (eekk!) we’re entering into those final weeks of projects & papers. There’s a lot to do in a month, but I know there will also be plenty of pancakes & mimosas to see us through.


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