Malibu Eats

Malibu Eats

Having lived & gone to school at Pepperdine for the last 4 years, Malibu has become like a second home. & of course, like any local, I have stumbled across some spots that have become my favourite places to pursue one of my longest & deepest loves…food. So, because I am currently not in Malibu & therefore having food withdrawals, I thought I’d share some of my favourite spots so at least someone can enjoy what I currently cannot.

SunLife Organics

With an inspiring story & a great atmosphere fueled by the motto “Love, Heal, Inspire”, SunLife is the place to get a morning or afternoon pick-me-up. With acai bowls, wellness shots & smoothies, everything at SunLife is fresh & filled with guilt-free deliciousness. I’ve also seen Owen Wilson & Howie Mandel here as well as Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey, so it gets their stamp of approval, as well as the Kardashians’ through association.






IMG_9143^^ “Fountain of Youth”…my favourite smoothie!

Marmalade Cafe

Although there’s a couple Marmalade Cafes, this location is easily the best. Every time my dad visits, he has to have breakfast at least once here. I’ve also heard it’s Dick Van Dyke’s favourite spots. I don’t blame him…the pancakes are pretty bomb.


Malibu Kitchen

From huge deli sandwiches to fresh salads to their famous cookies, everything at Malibu Kitchen tastes homemade. With a deli-style counter, this is the best place to pick up everything you need for a picnic on the beach. Whenever I go in to get a salad or sandwich, I can’t help but buy some of their cookies. They bake any & every flavour…but their coffee cake is really one of their unsung heroes. I’ve seen Jerry Seinfeld twice here, & it is also where he filmed his first episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with Michael Richards (a.k.a Cosmo Kramer), so naturally I love it that much more.



Malibu Farm

Okay, okay. I know I’ve written about this place more than once before, but it is really one of the places to grab breakfast or lunch. With beautiful views of the ocean & the occasional dolphin, it is worth the fight to park on PCH to check out Malibu Farm. As you know, I love their fried egg sandwich, but their fresh juices & salads are also to die for. I also saw Owen Wilson for a second time here, so this spot also gets a stamp.


Slide4Check out my previous post here!

Malibu Cafe

If Malibu Farm gets a little too windy for you right on the end of the pier, Malibu Cafe is another spot with a great outdoor atmosphere. Although it is not on the water, this place makes up for it with vintage chandeliers, lawn games & paddle boat rides around the pond…oh, & did I mention bottomless mimosas?

IMG_7357^^ I had my 22nd birthday brunch here!


There’s a reason Drake loves Nobu. Before I went, I honestly thought it was all hype, but Nobu really went above & beyond my expectations. I am a pretty tough sushi critic as growing up in Vancouver has really raised my standards, but I can honestly say that Nobu had the best sushi I’ve ever tried! You have to make reservations in advance, but the sushi bar is open to walk-ins. Although we weren’t sitting on the patio overlooking the ocean, I really thought the bar was the place to be, especially if you’re a first timer. We got to see everything prepared & had the chef make another of whatever looked the best or surprise us with one of his favourites.



IMG_8930^^ Octopus!

IMG_8915^^ my favourite dish of the night…yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno!

IMG_8938^^ the “Bento Box”…chocolate souffle with matcha!

Check out all my favourites spots on their websites:

SunLife Organics, Marmalade Cafe, Malibu Kitchen, Malibu Farm, Malibu Cafe, Nobu Malibu


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