Rugby Sevens Tournament

Rugby Sevens Tournament

Vancouver might be a city crazy for hockey, but one weekend a year is the exception…for rugby sevens! I was introduced to rugby fairly early on because all three of my brothers played & it was one of the only sports that my high school was good at (trust me, I wish it was volleyball). After all these years of trying to enjoy football, I am so glad to have the faster-paced, more exciting version come to town…especially when it’s tradition for everyone to dress up.

I mentioned in my last post that I stumbled upon a couple of dog onesies at a thrift shop, so this was the perfect occasion for them to make their debut.

Liam tagged along too, but he was too cool for a onesie, so he opted for a subtle mask instead…

With 14-minute games, back to back, & lots of stadium food & a little beer, this weekend long event is always a good time. Oh, & did I mention there are super-fit, good-looking, Olympic rugby sevens players from around the world? Yeah, that too.

^^ Team Canada!

Canada may not have won, but this pug & poodle can’t wait for the next rugby sevens tournament!

Check out some of the best costumes here!


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