What’s Up Wednesday.

What’s Up Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday y’all!

1. It’s official…I’m out.

Slide46I packed up this little apartment & turned in my keys. It was weird seeing the place as empty as it was when we first moved in. Standing there, in the apartment where I’ve lived the past two years of my life, my dad asked me if I was sad. Although, I admit, it was a little sad to see the place I once called home hollow, I knew that it was the people that have been a part of my life these past four years that made California feel like home. So, although I will always remember my first apartment, it won’t be the things that filled it that I will remember, it will be the memories.

2. Okay, so I was kicked out.

IMG_9117If I wasn’t going to leave California on my own, mother nature was going to drive me out. While we were packing, a huge fire spread across 500-acres of Calabasas, forcing many to evacuate their homes.

3. Jell-O Cups

I came home to Noah & a Jell-O experiment he somehow convinced me to participate in. There’s been a couple tutorials circling on the web on how to make a red solo cup out of Jell-O. If you haven’t seen it, you basically make some Jell-O with extra added gelatin & sandwich it between two cups. It actually turned out really well & it went up on Noah’s Instagram…& nothing goes on Noah’s Instagram.




IMG_9224^^ just a little pleased with himself.

4. I think we can all appreciate this little girl on “Princess Day”.

IMG_9154^^ Cause why be beautiful when you can be delicious?


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