Fresh Instagram Follows

Fresh Instagram Follows

Sometimes your Instagram needs a little spring cleaning. From blurry photos to multiple posts a day, there are some accounts that, with a closer look, you start to wonder why you started following in the first place. My Instagram feed is something I look to often for inspiration, from what to blog about to what to make for dinner that night. Therefore, I’m always giving it a refresh & I’m always on the lookout for the new accounts to follow. So, I thought I would share some of my favourite accounts & some new ones that I have recently followed.


Wally Found is for anyone who loves travel & that striped guy we used to spend hours trying to find. With sharp photography featuring a faceless Waldo in dream-like landscapes, @Wallyfound feeds my travel bug & my inner kid.


some forces awaken slower than others. @starwars tonight! #theforceawakens

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On @Mydaywithleo, paper dolls come to life. Although the faces are obviously cutouts, the photos & stop-motion videos never fail to entertain.

people ask me lots how i make these so i thought id repost one of my favs and talk a lil about the process. my videos usually take 6 to 12 hours to make. altho im gettin faster. my first one took me a week. it starts with collectin lots of images from magazines and old books and the internet and cutting em out. for this one i took extra long because lookin fer pics and cutting out pics of young will smith is a good time i think. i usually like to have at least 10 expressions before im ready to shoot. sometimes i go in with about 20 just to be extra ready. for the final version of this video i used 9 different lil cutouts. then i have to find a spot and someone to dance for me. this is @little_mouse_diuguid and she's a good friend with killer moves and sweet style and prob woulda given me a death glare if i let anyone else be the fresh prince. plus she's pretty rad to be around so i decided she was the best person for the job. im kinda private about the shooting process and what equipment i use but it takes about an hour or two to get the footage i need for these lil videos. i could do it faster and sloppier but you guys deserve only the best so i try to get more footage than ill need. after that it's off to the editing room. this is the process where i'm gettin a lot faster as i feel more comfy with my decisions the more i do. id never edited anything before these so it took me a long time to figure it out. between editing and gettin the right song usually takes another hour or five. then once im done i usually send a copy to the dancer for them to approve and post a snippet to my snapchat since people love teasers. then… its back to insta to share with all you fine people. so that's how MDWLlilmovies are made.

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Tanx a latte! . (at the #zoolander2hotlatte truck) #zoolander2 is out on blu-ray & digital now @zoolander #collab

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Okay, so Marnie is pretty popular, but seeing that tongue & doggy swag never fails to make me laugh.

But I read online u don't rlly need 2 take baths bc good bacteria

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Well, it’s no secret that I love food. I follow more than the recommended dose of food-based accounts, but @spoonforkbacon is my latest find. I had to stop writing half-way through this post & make myself something because my stomach knows a good food-gram when it sees one.

There is this huge Grilled BLTA Gem Salad with a crazy creamy bleu cheese dressing waiting for you at ????

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So this is maybe one of the most relateable accounts I have found to date. @Quarterlifepoetry is a 26 year-old taking on the adult world one poem at a time. I’m not sure my advanced poetry professor would have loved my work if I produced poems in this style or on the topic of food babies, but I can appreciate it as a 20-something on Instagram.

Is there anything I’m missing out on on Instagram? Share your favourite accounts with me below!


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