What’s Up Wednesday.

What’s Up Wednesday.

This is the last What’s Up Wednesday I will write as an undergrad…maybe as a student. That is just terrifying. But…

1. It’s Noah’s birthday!Slide2The youngest of the wolfpack is turning 16! Wow, you can drive now. I can’t wait to see you, so don’t crash before Thursday.

Slide1^^ also thanks for letting me use you for show & tell.

2. We have another Trojan in the family!

Slide1After visiting all the campuses & taking everything into consideration, Liam has decided to be a Trojan! Okay, so I’m a little bitter that he won’t be a Wave, but USC is definitely lucky to have Liam in the fall.

3. The world turned purple.

Prince died on Thursday. From talking to other people my age, it seems as if our generation came a little too late to fully appreciate his genius. I think the only reason that I recognize this loss for the tragedy that it is, is because my mum is a huge Prince fan. From the music to the dance moves to the fashion, there was truly no one like the artist formerly known as Prince. I’m still kinda waiting for him to reappear in a cloud of purple smoke.

One of my favourite stories of all time is Jimmy Fallon’s retelling of how Prince challenge him to a ping-pong match. He told it for the first time on Late Night (which I thought was a lot funnier, but I for some reason can’t find online), but here they are, telling it again:

4. By five o’clock today, I am done.

Yes, I will have finished my last presentation & handed in my last paper. It feels so good, but so unreal at the same time. I’ll let you know how it feels when I’ve crossed the stage & it’s officially official.




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