Apartment Finds

Apartment Finds

Welcome to my new life as a so-called, self-proclaimed interior designer…all thanks to my new apartment.  

I used to think that Ty Pennington was the devil. His Disney Channel star enthusiasm & the incredible height of his frosted tips meant the start of another HGTV Sunday. Just a demo day & a few tears later, I found myself dazed & confused in the lighting aisle at Home Depot, begging my parents to take me anywhere else. 

However, all it took was a few months as a home department manager & a set of keys to an empty apartment to turn me into an interior designer. 

So this is the building that houses my blank canvas: 

Fun fact: 884 on this awning is not the building’s actual address…it was left over from a movie filmed here!

This building was built in 1910, so I love it’s character, but I could do without the slanted hallways & short-stopping elevator. Thankfully, my apartment was re-done, so there’s a fresh coat of paint on those old bones. 

This is not my first apartment. However, all my other spaces have been temporary & I never put much time or thought into them because I knew they were not for the long haul.

So, for this little (big) project, I took the time to create an “Pin-Aspiration” board to remind me of my inspiration & the feeling I want to achieve. I’ve also linked everything on my wish list & almost everything in the photos below.

Check it out here

Shopping for furniture is intimidating (& expensive!), so I’ve started collecting pieces along the way to keep me inspired. I don’t doubt that this is the opposite course of action that a real designer would recommend you take, but buying vases & poufs is so much more fun than dishing out a month’s rent on a couch. Here’s a little taste of what I’ve collected so far…


Where are your favourite places to shop for home decor? 


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