Food Finds

Food Finds

So, it might be of no surprise to you, but I spent this past weekend checking out some of the latest & greatest places to eat in Vancouver. Food is quickly becoming my hobby & my stomach thanks me for it.

I have been dying to go to a poke bar, so when I heard about “Pokéritto”, it was my first stop. With both traditional poke bowls & new poke burritos (hence the name), even though there are only two choices, I still had to try both.



img_0867^^ at Pokéritto, it kinda works like a Subway. There are some combinations on a set menu, or you can be adventurous & create your own.

img_0884^^ since I’m indecisive, I went with one of the combos off the menu. For the bowl, I got the North Shore, which had ahi tuna & everything from crab to gomai & pineapple.img_0897

img_0886^^ for the burrito, I got the Hanauma, which had fresh salmon, masago & edamame. I also topped both with a ponzu citrus sauce!

Okay, so Pokéritto was everything I hoped for & more. But, what’s dinner without dessert? I was browsing through Instagram & I saw this:

unnamedSo naturally, the next day we had to go.

img_1028In the heart of Yaletown, “Mister” is the latest in ice cream…I mean, crème brûlée ice cream? Yes, please. Made to order right in front of you using fresh cream & liquid nitrogen, it both looks & tastes like magic.





img_0969^^ this little beauty is mojito flavoured. All the flavours come in this adorable cone shape which was almost to perfect to eat.

& then of course we had to order the crème brûlée, which was fired right in front of us.



img_0975^^ isn’t it beautiful?



img_0996So, I guess if you ask me what I did this weekend, I would say I ate. Sometimes we find ourselves in a food-rut, stuck going to the same places over & over cause it’s familiar & easy. Although, I admit, it took a little more research & navigation, taking the time to explore all your city has to offer can be both fun &, of course, delicious. You never know what you might find. You might just be missing out on the next poke burrito.


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