My Thoughts on “The Bachelorette” Finale

My Thoughts on “The Bachelorette” Finale

Okay, so it’s been a week since JoJo gave Jordan that final rose & in that time, I’ve been able to digest everything that happened on the finale. However, I want to start off on a positive note by talking about some of the fashion.

Although you can tell that they’ve all had professional stylists, JoJo was up there with some of the best. These are just a few of my favourite looks…


Photo: @caryfetman


Photo: @caryfetman


Photo: @caryfetman


Photo: @caryfetman

^^ From gowns at cocktail parties to more casual group dates, JoJo’s style never faltered.

So, now on to the final rose that everyone’s been talking about. Did it go to the wrong guy? To us as viewers…yes. From the way that we watched it every Monday, JoJo seemed to have the most doubt in Jordan. I mean, the People Magazine cover says it all:


Photo: People Magazine

^^ side note: is it just me or does that tiny Luke look like a vampire?

However, after reading multiple interviews & blog posts with past Bachelorettes, you quickly learn that a lot of what us viewers see on TV is edited & fabricated. & well, if we are really honest with ourselves, the whole premise of the show is just a little ridiculous, so are we really that surprised when things go down as we logically think they should? Really, she’s trying to decided between two guys that she’s gone on a total of maybe 3 dates with, all of which took place in amazing exotic locations with helicopter rides, private concerts & an open bar. Really, if I was sailing through Thailand on a private catamaran with a drink in my hand, swimming in waterfalls & eating a 5-star meal, I would have a good time with pretty much anyone.

So, even though there was no doubt that Robby loved her & her family was definitely team Robby, we never get to see everything that happened. For the record, I was rooting for Robby, even though I agree he bears an eerie resemblance to Ken & I would never want a man who allows a perfectly good meatloaf to burn.

Through it all though, I had a feeling that she was going to pick Jordan…

Despite that, on After the Final Rose I was definitely like…

& we can only imagine Aaron Rodgers reaction…

But, when it comes down to it, JoJo is the one that’s gotta hit the real world engaged to a guy that she only knows on vacation. Is there really a right choice? Probably not. Does any of it make any sense? No, not really. Especially after how JoJo left it with Robby…

So, although we all know the show is completely fabricated, unrealistic & unnecessarily dramatic, it’s still our favourite guilty pleasure. Will I watch next season? Yes. Have I sunk to a new low & started watching Bachelor in Paradise? Maybe. It’s like a train wreck…I know it’s going to be awful, but I can’t look away.

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