Long Weekend on the Lake

Long Weekend on the Lake

Ever since I can remember, our family has spent the summer up on the lake in the Okanagan (remember the video I made?). We go up for the same 3 weeks & stay at the same resort. However, as all the kids have gotten older, summer school, summer jobs & university orientations have made it harder & harder to organize the gang. So, my parents started looking for a more permanent solution & quickly found this little place…

Slide7Although the cabin itself could use a little work, what we really bought it for was the dock…


Slide8However, I had yet to step foot in the cabin. So, this long weekend my parents & I headed up to the Okanagan with our dog Piper & they showed me around & got a little work done.


Slide5I can’t wait to see the finished product & I will be sure to give you a tour when it’s done! It will be sad saying goodbye to our old place on the lake, but we know that we will make just as many memories in this new one.

Slide2^^ one pooped puppy.


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