What’s Up Wednesday.

What’s Up Wednesday.

You probably thought I forgot about you, but how could I? It is Wednesday after all…

1. Face Swap

So if you haven’t seen the face swap filter on Snapchat, then you’re probably living under a rock or haven’t updated your phone in a few years…*cough* Caroline *cough, cough*. Since we’re pretty much twins, Caroline & I thought we would try face swap. Turns out, we didn’t look that different, which I thought made it a lot creepier…

Slide112. Just a formality.

Theta formal was on Friday! After taking photos at the Adamson House in Malibu, we headed to the venue in downtown LA. The view from the rooftop of TenTen Wilshire was amazing, but the photobooth may have been the highlight.



Slide04We started out pretty coordinated…


Slide09Then it started to go downhill…you know when a bag of Doritos is front & center.




Slide06^^0 for 3.

3. One down, a script, a paper & two projects to go.

The reason you’re getting your Wednesday update a little late is because I had a research paper due for my Shakespeare class today. In case any of you out there are fans of the Bard, in 15 pages I argued that the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet is not only irrelevant, but in fact detrimental to the progression of the plot. I think it went well…I think I may have gotten so deep into it that the end was a blur. Cross your fingers that it reads well & is not a jumble of “thous” & “yonders”.

4. Nach-o friend.

This was the best thing I’ve seen this week…


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