California Girls’ Weekend

California Girls’ Weekend

After being in California for three years, Caroline & I had probably the most LA weekend we could possibly imagine. With graduation a month away, (I still have a severe case of denial) we decided that we needed to make the most of the time that we had left. So, early Friday morning we headed out early to Venice to get some work done in one of the many coffee shops on Abbott Kinney. After checking out a few places, we settled on “Tom’s”, the flagship store for the “One for One” shoes, which also happens to be a coffee shop. With a cheese croissant & a coriander vanilla latte in hand, we buckled down to get some work done.

Slide3^^ writing a screenplay in a coffee shop in Venice…who am I?!

Since we were in Venice, we decided that we needed to make a stop at Blue Star Donuts because Caroline had yet to try them & really who can say no to a donut? I tried the blueberry basil, the chocolate almond ganache & the raspberry buttermilk. My favourite by far was the raspberry buttermilk, but I wasn’t surprised because I love raspberries just about as much as I hate bananas.

Slide1^^ we got six because we couldn’t decide which flavours we wanted to try…this was something we would later regret.

After a productive Friday, we decided to start out our Saturday with a hike. We have several hikes on our California bucket list, (including the Jim Morrison caves & the hike to the Hollywood sign) but since we didn’t know the trails & didn’t want to end up kicking it Bear Grylls style, we decided to go with the hike that Caroline had done before. Just off the PCH, this hike had beautiful views of the surrounding mountains & a foggy view of the ocean.





Slide06^^ panorama at the peak.

Slide05^^ after an incline of what felt like forever, finally the descent.

After finishing our early morning hike, we decided to check out the Calabasas Farmer’s Market. Even though it takes place every Saturday & is only a 10 minutes drive from our apartment, we had never gone, so today was the day.




Slide12^^ we ended up getting ingredients for a salad & a pesto pasta with fresh sausage that we made for dinner that night!

As we were leaving the market, we realized what we thought was going to be a cloudy day was turning out to be the opposite, so we decided to take our fresh strawberries to the pool & get a start on our summer tans. After three years, I still can’t get over the idea that it’s hot enough to tan in March…I guess some things you never get used to.


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