Kappa Alpha Theta is…

Kappa Alpha Theta is…

Slide1Ever since I opened my bid card three years ago, the Kappa Alpha Theta sisterhood has played a huge role in my life. Whether I was a freshman trying to figure out college or thousands of miles away traveling across Europe, these girls have been there for me wherever I go.

Although being president often feels like a full-time job, I love pushing our chapter to its fullest potential. I cherish every minute I spend with my sisters, whether it’s talking about budgets in a finance meeting or eating our weight in tacos on Tuesday nights. As I meet a million new faces this week, all asking me what Theta is all about, I thought I would share with everyone what this sisterhood means to me.

Kappa Alpha Theta is…brunch on the weekends.

Slide10Kappa Alpha Theta is…making a difference.


Slide06Kappa Alpha Theta is…dancing the night away at formal.


Slide05Kappa Alpha Theta is…#scholarship.

Slide07Kappa Alpha Theta is…traveling the world with your sisters.


Slide03Kappa Alpha Theta is…family.



Slide3Kappa Alpha Theta is…greater than us.


Kiting our lovely ELC Sam!


Theta CEO Leadership Conference

Kappa Alpha Theta is…CASA.

Kappa Alpha Theta is…for a lifetime.

10631964_1549413885280264_767519333_n.jpgI can’t wait to share everything that Theta means to me with all the young women & future sisters I meet this week. I also can’t wait for the Rho Chis to re-affiliate (you guys made finding photos impossibly hard)! I guess all there’s left to say is…good luck everyone & Stay Gold, Malibu.


Want to learn more about our chapter? Check out Theta Pepperdine here & read more about our National sisterhood here.  


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