A Recruitment Miracle

A Recruitment Miracle

Hi there, I’m Hannah. Nice to meet you.

Okay yes it’s been forever since I’ve posted, but it’s for a very good reason! A reason that was nearly the end of me…something called “Recruitment”. Yes people, sometimes it’s as bad as everyone says, but it’s especially bad when you’re president & also a grandma who needs her sleep. With record bedtime of 4:53 AM & an 8 AM the next day, it was safe to say that I was not totally “with it” that week. I could usually get by with a little extra caffeine & a nap, but you need a whole other level of energy when you have to small talk with over 300 PNMs. So, cause I know you’re missing me, I thought I would share a couple photos from the week…



CRO & CEO’s of past & present


My EBoard ladies!



Ice, Ice Baby!


Seniors’ last Pref Night!

However, if I’m not looking at the glass as half-empty & if I forget that I have a runny nose & a box of tissues stationed next to me as I write this, I can truly say it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in Theta. The whole process brought me so much closer to my sisters & has given me the chance to share our sisterhood with more women.

Plus we got the most amazing pledge class! Look at them. How could you not love them?



Slide03Anyways, I promise I have more posts to come, but I thought I would just check in & make sure you knew I still had a pulse…


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