Vineyards & Vevey

Vineyards & Vevey

Wednesday was our last day before classes started for the semester.  After everything we’ve seen & done this week, I almost forgot I was still in college & that I actually came to Lausanne to study abroad.  We put school out of our minds for one last day though as we travelled to Puidoux for a walk through some beautiful vineyards.  After taking the train as a group, we made our way through the small town until we reached the beginning of grape country.  There were vines for miles, covering the entire mountainside.  As we walked further & further down the path, the view seemed to get more & more beautiful.  Let’s just say I was worried I was going to run out of memory on my camera.  It was so hard for me to pick only a few photos to share, but here they are!  Beautiful, right?



Some good lookin’ grapes!


We love Switzerland!



J’adore la Suisse!



Me & Caroline!



Our director’s adorable little daughter, Sasha!


After reaching the end of the most breathtaking vineyard I’ve been to, we took the train to Vevey.  To top off the view & beauty of the vineyard, Vevey is probably one of the cutest towns I’ve ever been to.  Narrow streets are lined with small boutiques & cafes, each with their own unique style and personality.  We wandered the streets, popping in & out of stores, window-shopping.  Our only purchase of the day was delicious gelato – my salted caramel was to die for!


My favourite boutique!


Our view while eating delicious gelato!

We met up with the group again at the waterfront in Vevey, where we would catch a boat back to Lausanne.  Like everything in Vevey, the boat was adorable too.  Old fashioned but still in tip-top shape, the boat took us along the coast, all the way to Ouchy, where we had pizza before heading back home to prepare for classes the next day.  I can’t say I was excited for classes to start when there are still so many places to go & things to see, but I am still a Pepperdine student & although I’m abroad, I still have fit the study part in somewhere!


The boat back to Lausanne!


The “go-to” pose!


I don’t think we’re in Miami anymore Toto…   


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