What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday

It’s time for another edition of “What’s Up Wednesday”!

1. Hey, it’s me again!

I got to style & model some outfits again for our store Instagram! Follow @anthro_westvancouver to keep up with the latest!

It’s a Celebration! – Anthro Weekend is here for a good time, not a long time. Get our newest must-haves at 20% off before they’re gone!

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2. It’s still October.

Yes, we may only have a couple days left, but is it really ever too late for Octoberfest? Wednesday night I went to a local beerfest & indulged in many samples from all the local breweries. Of course Whistler Brewing & Lonetree were there, but we came to check out the competition. About halfway through the night, I remembered that I needed to take photos for my blog. This realization also happened to be at a high enough drink count that my mum & her friend Carrie suddenly decided that they were the presidents of my blog (which, if you didn’t know, apparently has millions of followers) & therefore needed to pose behind each table with the reps. So, these are the most recent photos on my phone…







slide7^^ Oh, & they accepted coasters as payment…they may have also have made away with some beer in their purses.

3. Tis’ the season.

Yes. It is the best time of the year (okay, okay, nothing can ever beat Christmas). It is the time of year Caroline & I have looked forward to ever since October of 2013, when we were crammed in tiny dorm in Switzerland, studying for midterms. The only thing that could make us laugh in our misery was watching other people go through a haunted house (courtesy of Ellen). This year though, Jimmy Fallon is also getting in on the fun…

See all of Ellen’s haunted house videos ranked here.

4. Fun fact.

We all know about that channel that’s just a log burning in a fireplace, right? Well, did you know that Halloween has it’s own yule log? But, instead of a fireplace, it’s a porch decorated with carved pumpkins. Yes, it’s just a video of pumpkins. No, I’m not kidding. & yes, I know what I’ll be binge watching next.


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