Enchant Vancouver

Enchant Vancouver

I don’t know about you guys, but the holidays have flown by. I had a list of all the festive things that I wanted to do, but somehow I ran out of time. However, I’ve learned from my time in Switzerland that not everything requires planning & some of the best experiences you have are spontaneous. So, one day after a 9-hour shift, I managed to drag my dad & Liam out with me at the last minute to go to Enchant Vancouver, a Christmas market & light maze.

The first stop was the market, where there was everything from fresh honey to the ugliest Christmas sweaters I’ve ever seen.

^^ cannolis? From the king? Yes, please.

Whistler Brewing Co.^^ hey, look who it is!

Of course, the next stop was food. There were too many food trucks to choose from, but we based our decision purely on our tastebuds of course, because I was with boys. Some of the trucks were just plain adorable, so they get an honourable mention anyways in the form of pictures…

Melt City

We eventually settled on this guy though…

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery

Fat Duck Mobile EateryThe boys got “The Hawaiian”, which was a sandwich with pulled duck & a pineapple slaw. Meanwhile, I got the “Dirty Rice”, which was topped with pork belly & a fried egg.

^^ still can’t believe this was made in a truck.

Despite being full from our delicious duck, the haunting aroma of mini donuts hit me. A dozen later & we were looking for an apartment in “Cin City”.

As we stuffed our faces with cinnamon goodness, we happen to notice the massive line for the light maze & the time. So, we filled our hands with London Fogs & settled in to wait out the line.

A few sips & a candy cane later, we were in the middle of the maze, surrounded by the glow of thousands of lights.

^^ I’m getting real Kim & Kanye wedding vibes.

^^ literally blinded by all the lights.

Hope you’re all having a happy holidays & finding the time to celebrate with family & friends, or in my case, make it through a light maze.


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