Inspiration Everywhere

Inspiration Everywhere

I am starting to realize that inspiration is everywhere. As I’ve gained more experience in merchandising & spent much more time researching & looking for home decor, I’ve started to pick up on small details that really make a space. From running errands to having a drink at happy hour, there is thought put into every space you find yourself in. 

I’ve started snapping photos of some of the spaces & places that I have found inspiring, so I thought I’d share some of them! 

^^ These photos are from “Alchemy”, a beautiful home decor boutique in Kelowna, BC. They have everything from simple vases to intricate beaded chandeliers…& these amazing porcelain pieces? Each is uniquely handcrafted locally & no two are alike. I think I must have stood there for 30 minutes try to pick my favourite. 

This little plant lovers’ paradise is “Parliament”, located in the heart of Gastown. Their furniture is very modern & not the particular style I’m searching for, but their blooms will win anyone over. Any of these leafy greens would make a great hostess gift! 

Lastly, I went out for happy hour with a couple work friends & ended up at this spot…Homer Street Cafe & Bar. I mean, come on! Good food is always a must-have, but add some gorgeous tile for a little atmosphere & I’m in love. 

Even if you’re not into home design or decor, I find I draw inspiration from these spaces for fashion as well. Noticing colour palettes, shapes, & pattern mixing really helps when trying to put an outfit together. That’s why my inspo board has a mix of both!

Where do you look for inspiration? 


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