Home Swiss Home…The Pepperdine Lausanne House

Home Swiss Home…The Pepperdine Lausanne House

Well, I’ve been home for a while now, but being home in Vancouver has made me think  a lot about the place I once called home in Switzerland.  It’s so quiet at home without my 70 Swiss brothers & sisters around & life is definitely not as exciting.  Although I love Vancouver more than anywhere else in the world, the Pepperdine Lausanne campus will always hold a place in my heart.  This made me realize that throughout all my traveling & blogging, I never shared with you what regular day-to-day life was like in Switzerland & in the Lausanne house!  So, without further ado, here is a little peek into my Swiss home!

This is the tiny room that Caroline & I moved into after two long flights.  As you can see, our room could not, in any sense, be described as spacious.  Between the lack of space & the starch white walls, we thought it kinda looked like a room in an insane asylum.  It may of actually been one at times thanks to the lovely combination of insurmountable loads of homework & 3:51am train exhaustion.  I must admit though, the view was pretty spectacular & made up for it all.




Our door – “CH” is our initials, but also the code for Switzerland…the lovely gentlemen next door, however, had another idea of what it could stand for.

Slide03One of my favourite parts of living in the Lausanne house is having breakfast Monday morning & hearing about where everyone went on the weekend.  We all eat together & always make sure to squeeze in some time for ping pong or pool.  Another great feature of the house is the coffee machine…I’m already having cappuccino withdrawals!


Slide04Although the student kitchen had its problems, it was always great to have the option of cooking your own food…especially when a hamburger costs 20 francs!

Slide16Every year, each program decorates a wall in the house with their signatures however they want.  We decided to go with the theme “You Won’t”.  Each of us wrote something on the wall that coming into this year abroad, we never thought we would do.  Can you find me?

Slide20Our house is pretty big, so in order to see it all, check out the house tour video that our program made for prospective IP students!

Lausanne itself is beautiful, so beautiful that you often don’t even mind taking some weekends off from traveling & staying home.  Here are just a few snapshots I happen to take along the way.




This park was built on top of a parking garage, has free wifi, & a gorgeous view!





Hot chocolate is a beautiful thing.



A little reminder of home at the Olympic Museum.



I miss my Lausanne family everyday & I can’t wait to be reunited in Malibu!


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