Cycling for Your Soul

Cycling for Your Soul

So apparently there’s this huge craze called “SoulCycle”, & being near LA, I am at the epicenter of the obsession. All I knew about it was that it’s a spin class filled with positive vibes where the instructor tells you positive things & pumps you up instead of just yelling at you to pedal faster. So, when my sorority decided to hold a sisterhood event at SoulCycle, I had to see what all the fuss was about for myself.

SoulcycleAfter you sign in at the front desk you are given a pair of clip in shoes & you get to sign up for a bike on a chart that shows you the layout of the bikes in the room. Of course we signed up for the ones at the back as we were a little nervous, but once you were in the room, it really didn’t matter!

Unfortunately, these are the rules of SoulCycle…

Slide2Rule #1 – I wasn’t allowed to bring my phone in to take any pictures or video, but I wish I could have! Inside the studio is a room full of bikes, (obviously) but all the lights are turned down low & the instructor is up on a stage at the front with a bike & a DJ stand, which makes you wonder if you are really in a spin class or in a nightclub. We were told that it was all about pedaling to the music, so we clipped in & let the beat guide us. It really was an awesome workout – of course you got your legs going, but we also worked our arms & core with pushups & weights while we pedaled on the bike. Our instructor got us to imagine climbing a hill to something that we wanted, getting us to close our eyes & focus on it. What I really wanted at that point was for the class to end, but, even though at times my whole body wanted to give up, I knew deep down that it was all mental & all the positive vibes in the room kept me going.

I seriously believe there is no better feeling than the feeling you get after a hard workout. Even though I kinda hated the instructor at the time for telling us to pedal faster & my body aches all over today, it was so worth it & I have a feeling I’ll be back soon (I may hit the gym again on my own before that though…all that Swiss chocolate & cheese took a toll on me!).


Sisters who sweat together, stay together!

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