What’s Up Wednesday.

What’s Up Wednesday.

What’s up, everyone? I’m back in Vancouver this week & welcoming back summer this Wednesday!

1. Brunch at Paulie’s.

We celebrated Mother’s Day by having brunch at Paulie’s in Yaletown. We had bottomless mimosas & smashed meatball benedict. The most interesting thing on the menu was definitely the “Hangover Cure”, which was fettuccine alfredo with thick-cut bacon & a shot of vodka…the boys took note.



Slide03^^ the whole restaurant has a 1920’s vibe.

Slide04^^ there’s a distillery in the back where they brew their own liquor.

I love my mum, but you already knew that.

2. Laduree opened in Vancouver!

For a second, I thought I was back in Lausanne, but a little piece of Europe has just moved into Vancouver. Now, I can get my macaroon fix whenever I want (but not really because with how much each macaroon costs, they must fly them in from Paris).





Slide13^^ pistachio & Marie Antoinette!

3. Peonies are in bloom.

Peonies are my mum’s favourite flower, so when we saw these we needed them.


Slide174. It’s summer.

Slide20^^ & that means I have an excuse to get one of these bad boys.


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